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Grandparents Mediation Service


Divorce affects everyone from close friends to family members. A big, and often underrated, the effect of divorce is the one on grandparents. If your grandchild’s parents separate or divorce, you might be worried about your grandchild’s emotional well being. Not to mention, your concern for your child who is actually going through the divorce always keeps playing in your head. By opting for mediation, you can make the process of your children separating a lot easier for them, your grandchildren and yourself. Good mediation services will make the process of divorce a lot easier for all parties involved. Just Mediation Divorce Mansfield have experts that are highly professional and well qualified to deal with a variety of clients and also specialise in dealing with grandparents affected by divorce.

Grandparents And Mediation Is A Good Place To Start

Grandparents, in general, have many concerns when their children go through a divorce that should not be overlooked. Perhaps the biggest concern for any grandparent is that of their grandchildren.

  • What will be their living arrangements?
  • How will this affect their emotional state of mind?
  • Will they be able to cope up with the new arrangements?

These are all questions that constantly go through the mind of any grandparent. Another concern that grandparents have is for the well being of their child who is going through the separation.

Whether or not he/she will be okay emotionally and financially, will he/she be able to move on, how will this affect their children, are all concerns that grandparents have regarding their children. If you have any questions, the team at Just Divorce Family Mediation Mansfield  is ready for your call 0161 738 1041

Grandparents Tips For Mediation

Don’t take sides:

First of all, as grandparents, it is important for you to never take any sides. When dealing with grandchildren, in particular, it’s the responsibility of the grandparents to make sure that their grandchildren are not influenced in any way.

Have amicable relations with parents:

Having amicable relationships with both parents is extremely important. Not only will it make meeting the grandchildren a lot easier, but it will also make the whole process less stressful for all parties involved.

Understand time management:

It’s important for you to understand that your grandchildren will now be spending time between two households. Because of this, it is important to accept that you may not be able to spend as much time with them as you could have before. This will also make it essential to manage your schedule properly.

Opt for mediation:

It is advisable for grandparents to opt for mediation. Through mediation, grandparents and parents can resolve issues in contention and come to an understanding of many things. This is much more preferable than going to courts and wasting time and money. Also, opting for mediation process is much more relaxing and much less stressful than going to courts.

Why Choose just divorce Mediation Mansfield?
Conflict Resolution

Mediation is a collaborative process that encourages open dialogue. A trained mediator facilitates communication between family members, helping them express their concerns and needs, leading to mutually agreeable solutions.​

Faster Resolution

Court cases can drag on for months or even years. Mediation typically leads to quicker resolutions, allowing families to move forward with their lives sooner.

Preserves Relationships

Unlike court battles, mediation aims to preserve relationships rather than destroy them. It helps family members find common ground and work together to reach a resolution, which can be especially crucial when children are involved.


Mediation sessions are confidential, providing a safe space for open and honest discussions without fear of public exposure.